It Starts at Home

Weekly Home Discipleship Guide

Join us as we start a brand new ministry to help encourage each household to continue the discussion at home, based on what we’ve learned during each Sunday morning sermon.
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The Gospel Begins in the Wilderness

Jesus Makes Preparations – The Dove

The Preparation of Jesus – The Devil Shows Up

With Preparation Complete-Presents


Holiday Heart Checkup

Holiday Heart Checkup – What Makes Thanksgiving Possible

Holiday Heart Checkup-Give Thanks, Our God Provides


Power That Demands My Response


Home for Christmas – Bringing Jesus Home

Home for Christmas – Luke 2:10-11

Home for Christmas – Longing to Belong

Home for Christmas – The Journey


Navigating 2018

Navigating 2018 – The Next Step


The Study of Mark – A Mystifying Miracle

The Study of Mark – Lord I Believe; Help My Unbelief

The Study of Mark – Lessons of a Child


The Arts – The Artist

The Arts – The Art of Love

The Arts – The Art of Marriage

The Arts – The Art of Intimacy


The Study of Mark – Jesus Blesses, Jesus Counsels

The Study of Mark – The Road to The Cross

The Study of Mark – Love and Hate on The Road to The Cross

The Study of Mark – Palm Sunday “The King Is Coming”

The Study of Mark – Easter Sunday “Oh, Happy Day!”

The Study of Mark-AUTHORITY: The Ultimate Question

The Study of Mark – The Surpassing Priority

The Study of Mark – Watch!

The Study of Mark – Never Say Never

The Study of Mark – Obedience to the Last Command


The Making of the Godly Mother



Nehemiah-RESTORED! “Keys to Experiencing Victory”

Nehemiah-RESTORED! “Characteristics of Becoming Godly”

Nehemiah-RESTORED! “Another Name For Restored? REVIVAL!”

Nehemiah-RESTORED! “For The Time of Discouragement”

Nehemiah-RESTORED! “Conflict Resolution”

Nehemiah-RESTORED! “How to Handle Exaltation”

Nehemiah-RESTORED! “Recognizing Satan’s Schemes”

Nehemiah-RESTORED! “Things That Matter The Most”

Nehemiah-RESTORED! “God Restores”

Nehemiah-RESTORED! “Keeping Joy Vital & Victorious”

Nehemiah-RESTORED! “CH_ _CH Means Nothing Unless U R In It”

Nehemiah-RESTORED! “Counter Cultural Characteristics”

Nehemiah-RESTORED! “Wall to Wall Celebration”

Nehemiah-RESTORED! “Signs of Spiritual Decay”


Assurance-“The Key To Triumphant Living”

Assurance-“Assurance of Real Faith”

Assurance-“The Assuring Light”

Assurance-“The Believer’s Distinguishing Marks of Assurance”